Everyone has been inundated recently with cookie acceptance, privacy policy and terms and conditions updates from the likes of Google, Apple, Etsy, eBay, etc.  This is because they are all rolling out their compliance process for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GPDR is an EU wide regulation covering the storing and handling of personal data of EU residents.  It is not only the big companies that must comply by 25th May.  If you operate any business where you keep customer records or if you operate a website stores customer data or even simply tracks user behaviour or have a newsletter or similar email marketing system then GPDR applies to you too. It has actually been around since 2016 but only comes into force on 25th May 2018.

A common miconception is that cold emailing is not allowed under GDPR.  Cold emailing is still allowed under GDPR but there are strict conditions as explained here.

While the likes of Google and Apple have a small army of techies to implement compliance on their systems many small businesses and self employed operations do not have the knowledge, the time nor the skillset to ensure that the comply.  The fines for non-compliance can be huge and can just start at €200,000, increasing daily until compliance is achieved.

We are offering a GDPR service just for small businesses (more than one partner or has employees) and sole traders:

  • Review of current data handling effected by GDPR.
  • Comprehensive plan for compliance.
  • Implementation

Pricing is a simple flat fee no matter how complex the requirement:

  • Small Business: €75
  • Sole Trader: €50

Use the form below to order the service.  Remember, the deadline for compliance is 25th May 2018.