Robert Ellis IT is a deeply experienced IT Professional with 30 years of implementing enterprise scale applications and websites including logical and physical design.

Expert in database infrastructure, performance, replication, high availability, and disaster recovery Robert Ellis IT provides a fast turnaround on database troubleshooting or design and implementation.

With a high degree of experience in virtualisation and most IaaS and SaaS cloud infrastructures Robert Ellis IT has worked with several NoSQL engines and associated analytics companies.

Fast, responsive, modern websites are another major offering in the Robert Ellis IT portfolio with success stories including mid sized startups and single person web based companies and sole traders.

The client list ranges from Oracle and PeopleSoft as well as several world class financial institutions such as UBS and Credit Suisse, the military in different countries, local and national governments, and a number of smaller but state of the art startup and mid sized companies.

No client is too big nor too small and all receive the same technological advantage when engaging Robert Ellis IT.

CV and references are available on request.